We already know that Samsung has plans for a 7-inch tablet called the sPad, thanks to a first sighting of Samsung sPad in June, but now we are getting word of a few more details, officially and unofficially.

On the official side of things, Reuters is reporting that it has Samsung on record saying it "plans to introduce tablet computers this quarter based on Google's Android operating system", to take on the iPad and every other internet tablet about to be released in the run up to Christmas.

Unofficially an image has turned up on of the new sPad tablet showing that if you've got big hands you'll be able to hold it one handed.

The news adds Samsung to the list of manufacturers confirmed or rumoured to be launching internet tablets, which includes Asus, RIM, LG, HP, and MSI.

samsung spad gets a date as first shot in the wild turns up image 2

The latest confirmation confirms previous rumours that the sPad will hit stores in South Korea around August, but there's still no indication on time frame for other territories.

Samsung is hoping it will be able to continue to build on the success that it has found with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S Android handset.

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What tech do you think the Samsung sPad will sport? And more importantly, will you be tempted? Let us know in the comments below.