There are plenty of pico projectors on the market, some examples of which you can find reviewed here and here, and now Samsung join the fray with the SP-H03.

Weighing in at 210g, the device aims at super portability and hopes to appeal to those of you who are employed with that oh-so-joyous task of performing presentations.

Graham Long, Vice President of Samsung's IT Business Division at Samsung Electronics said:

“The SP-H03 was designed to be extremely portable, eliminating the hassle and setup issues often encountered by presenters as they travel from organisation to organisation".

“By creating a convenient, portable, powerful and inexpensive device, Samsung is poised to assert its leadership at the top of this market”.

Suitable for projecting images from 9 to 80 inches the SP-H03 gives 30 ANSI lumens of brightness and gives you a 1GB internal memory, but is expandable with a MicroSD card so storing data shouldn't be a problem.

The detachable battery will apparently last up to the 2-hour mark in Eco mode (no word on battery life when not in "eco" mode) which should be just enough for presentations, but if you want to watch movies it sounds like you'll need to hunt for a power socket.

No word on pricing or release date, but we'll keep you posted.