If you're not quite ready for the full tablet revolution, iPad (or Google/Verizon) stylee, then you may want to ease yourself in gently by using an ebook reader first. Or you might even think that there's room for both tablets and ebook readers in the market and, hey, who are we to tell you otherwise?

Either way you may want to look at Samsung's latest offering, the SNE-60 ebook reader. It's a Wi-Fi enabled device with enough memory on board to store 1200 books on its 6-inch screen. If 1200 books isn't quite enough for you, you can expand the memory using the SD card slot.

There's handwriting recognition via the stylus pen for annotations, although teachers always used to tell us off for writing on books. It can read ePub, PDF and TXT files and there's even an MP3 player built in.

If you're too lazy to actually read yourself then Samsung states that its "unique Text-to-Speech engine can read a book with accurate pronunciations for users who are driving or in noisy environments".

No news on price or an exact launch date yet, but we're told it will be in the coming months.

UPDATE: Samsung have told us that the SNE-60 will cost you £299.99 and it will be available in July. We've added some photos too.