Another day and another rumoured tablet launch - this time from Korean giants Samsung, who will be hoping for better success with its tablet than it got with its previous hand-held computer - the much derided Q1 UMPC (pictured above).

The Samsung tablet, or slate, or pad, or whatever moniker you personally prefer will reportedly be called the S-Pad and will run Android on its 7-inch Super AMOLED screen. As you'd expect, there's Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity on board and it's likely that it will be powered by an Intel Atom chip. After all, a Samsung top dog promised last month that their tablet would have “PC-grade processing power and connectivity”.

There's talk of a USB docking device, like the iPad, and an ebook link up with Kyobo Books - which is the largest book retailer in Korea. There will also be access to Samsung's very own app store as well.

A 7-inch Super AMOLED suggests a fairly hefty price tag, although if the statements made by Samsung turn out to be true, the S-Pad might have a bit more under the bonnet than the iPad.

It will be interesting to watch how this tablet market develops. Apple went gung-ho with its iPad launch - a strategy that led to humongous success with the iPhone. Will the tablet market go the same way? Are other manufacturers already playing catch up to Jobs and co? We'll have to wait and find out.