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(Pocket-lint) - Razer has partnered with Loupedeck to offer the Stream Controller. Directly rivaling Elgato's Stream Deck, the Stream Controller can help you manage livestreams and much more.

It's a lot like Loupedeck's own Loupedeck Live, but it has Razer's logotype on its front and Razer's marketing behind it.


The new controller lets you set up multiple workspaces, launch apps, and even manage smart home devices. If you're a digital artist who uses Twitch, you could have different workspaces with completely different scenes and functions. Or you might use the Stream Controller to edit videos or play music. Featuring 12 haptic switchblade keys, six analog dials, and eight physical buttons, the Stream Controller's various controls are fully customisable using Loupedeck's software on Windows or macOS. It really has numerous use cases. 

The dials are particularly interesting because they can allow you to finely adjust settings like lighting and volume and do things like audio mixing or gameplay.

There's also a marketplace with plugins, profiles, and icon packs for you to make your own actions.

If any of this interests you, the Razer Stream Controller will ship this autumn. It costs $270 in the US. For reference, the Elgato Stream Deck costs $150. Pocket-lint has an entire guide on the Stream Deck. It is essentially a small control panel with 15 customisable physical buttons. For people who stream their gaming sessions, it's a handy tool to enable multiple controls - without having to leave a game to mess about with buttons, settings, or commands elsewhere. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.