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(Pocket-lint) - In January 2021 Razer revealed that it was working on creating an innovative face mask that included active ventilation, automatic sterilisation, a built-in voice amp and Razer Chroma too. 

The company made the futuristic facemask available to purchase after this year's Razercon

Though things have changed a bit since the original concept and beta test iteration (the voice amp is no longer present), the popularity seemingly hasn't faltered. 

Razer took to Twitter shortly after the sale was announced to tell fans that the Zephyr had already sold out. At least the first batch anyway. 

The mask initially started as a concept. One that used an N95 medical-grade respirator system combined with active ventilators and a bacterial filtration system to keep 99 per cent of airborne dangers at bay. That ventilation system promises to deliver active air cooling to keep you fresh and cool under the mask too. 

Now Zephyr is a reality and one that you can buy, at least in theory. When it wasn't out of stock, the RGB facemask came in two configurations. The most affordable of which was the $99.99 version which included the Razer Zephyr mask, a carrying bag, charging cable, three sets of replacement N95 filters and some anti-fog spray. 

A second version priced at $149.99 was also available with extra filters that made it able to run for 99 days. Alas, Razer fans were clearly keen on the new product as it sold out in the blink of an eye. Though if you're interested, you can still register your interest and get notified when the second batch becomes available. 

There's no doubt that Zephyr is different from the majority of masks available currently and not just because it rocks Razer Chroma capable RGB. 

It's built around a transparent design that's meant to help eliminate the problems with social interaction masks often cause. Wearing this, people you're talking to will be able to see you smile or grimace and read facial cues more easily. You don't need to worry about steaming up either, as it's been designed with anti-fog coating. 

With dual-intake fans that can spin up to 6,200 RPM it's also designed to help keep you cool if you're more active or prefer lots of fresh air. So there's plenty to like about this one and no wonder it sold out so fast. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 11 January 2021.