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(Pocket-lint) - Sure, your Christmas decorations might be fancy but can you control your lights with your phone, your voice or have them sync up with your gaming gear? 

If your answer is no, then we're about to brighten up your life (even if you don't celebrate Christmas). 

Smart lights are nothing new of course, but Twinkly is something different. This is a collection of LED strings of varying sizes, that can be controlled with your smartphone, with your voice using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa or set to sync with your gaming gear via Razer Chroma compatibility. 

The results of all this are impressive, fun and incredibly customisable. 

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Twinkly RGB friendly LEDs

Twinkly comes in all shapes and sizes. With various setups of RGB rich LEDs that can be set up in various ways around your home. There are string lights, clusters, icicles and even a pre-lit faux Christmas tree with 500 LEDs

The packs come in different sizes too, so you can get as many as 600 LEDs to jazz up your area in one box. 

We used them to add smartphone-controllable RGB lighting to our Christmas tree, but you could equally hang some LEDs from a wall or wrap them around space in your gaming area to make things more interesting. 

Pocket-lintHow to upgrade your Christmas tree with RGB and Razer Chroma friendly lighting photo 4

Wrap your tree in RGB

With a box of Twinkly's string lights, you can wrap your tree up in neatly controllable LEDs. From within the accompanying app (for Android or iOS) it's then possible to choose from a number of nifty different effects. 

These include the classic rainbow, candy cane, colourful waves, sparkly glow effects, cascades and a whole lot more. From the store section within the app you can also browse and download a lot more lighting effects for free. 

For us though, the ability to "paint" the lights is the most interesting and fun. When you set Twinkly up, the app walks you through "mapping" the lights you've installed. This essentially involves scanning your tree with your smartphone's camera from various angles. Doing this then locates the position of the LEDs - their height and location on the tree. 

Once you've done that you then have a visual map of the tree within the app (see the above image). You can then use a colour bar and your finger to decorate your tree by lighting up sections of it with simple strokes of your finger or thumb. Select a bunch of colours and mix them together or make them sparkle for some extra magic. 

These Twinkly lights are also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well. Connect those apps to Twinkly and you can then turn your tree lights on and off with your voice. You can also change the lights colour as well "Ok Google, set Twinkly to red". 

Connecting with Razer Chroma

Twinkly isn't just for Christmas either. Fans of Razer peripherals will enjoy the connection with Razer Chroma, download the Twinkly Chroma connector and you can then pair the lights with your Razer Chroma setup. 

This gives you direct control of Twinkly within Razer Synapse. With a couple of clicks you can use quick effects to change the LED colour, set up spectrum cycling, breathing, audiometer or static colours or you can dive into Chroma Studio to set custom effects. 

Twinkly will also work with Chroma Visualiser so you can get the lights to react to the sounds of your game. Chroma compatible games make things even more interesting. 

In December your Christmas tree could glow gloriously along with your Razer mouse and keyboard, but every other month of the year you could just use it to add even more colour to your gaming space. And, of course, everyone knows that RGB adds more FPS. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 3 December 2020.