(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has confirmed that it's taking steps to enable the Alexa wake word on Bluetooth devices, thanks to software support in some of the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio chips. 

For those wanting the technical details, it's the CSR8670 and CSR8675 chipsets that are Alexa enabled, with software from Sensory Inc and Rubidium Ltd, meaning that developers will be able to integrate Amazon's Alexa skills into Bluetooth devices, licensing the software through the Qualcomm eXtension program. 

Qualcomm specifies that in this case, Alexa would be supported natively on the Bluetooth device, with the intention that the communication with Alexa is then transferred via an app on a connected smartphone.

Putting this into real world use, this would allow you to speak to Alexa via your Bluetooth headset, perhaps to get information from Alexa, or for other tasks, like adding reminders.

Exactly how far the Alexa offering will go remains to be seen: Alexa is currently marching into a whole host of devices, expanding well beyond the original implementation in the Amazon Echo devices. It's now finding its way into other speakers, phones and connected devices, with a rapidly expanding ecosystem. 

Qualcomm also details that it will be supported "barge-in" operation. This means that the Alexa wake word would be operational while music is playing - just like the Amazon Echo, that means you'll be able to talk to Alexa over the top of whatever else is going on. 

From a consumer point of view, this latest development from Qualcomm is just a piece of a bigger puzzle, but it should mean that developers find it easier to bring Alexa to more devices in the near future.

Writing by Chris Hall.