Qualcomm boss Paul Jacobs has confirmed that the first Mirasol product, which was an ereader originally scheduled to land in the first quarter of 2011, has been cancelled as he wasn't happy with the device.

Speaking at a briefing attended by Pocket-lint in San Diego, the CEO said: "We were getting ready to launch a low volume ereader product, but I didn't like the whole system. I didn't want to launch our first product and have it be something that we didn't really like, so we basically decided not to launch it, and instead just focus on the next version of it."

Pocket-lint originally got up close and personal with the Mirasol tech back in June 2010 at Qualcomm's San Diego campus, and it was even rumoured that Amazon could be on board with a view to getting a colour Kindle into the market.

But now the Qualcomm supremo has bigger plans for the tech, hinting that a Mirasol screen featured tablet could even be on the cards.

"We have a really interesting roadmap - we're starting out on ereaders because we figured having E Ink as a competing technology was a good way to get started," he said

"But if you think about the power consumption of the screens that are out now [on tablets], they're very bright OLED screens that use up a lot of the power of the battery.

"We don't today have as vibrant colour as an OLED display - but we have a roadmap that gets us to a much brighter colour."

Currently the Mirasol development is carried out at a small operation in Taiwan. But Jacobs spoke of a billion dollar investment for the plant, so watch this space.