Qualcomm has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will launch, in connection with a partner, a device, probably an ebook reader, that features its Mirasol colour screen technology in the first quarter of 2011. An announcement is expected at CES in Las Vegas in January

The technology, which is basically described as a colour electronic ink display that can also do video, will become the primary screen of the unknown device to be made available to the public at the start of 2011.

Qualcomm has been demonstrating its e-ink technology for some time now to press and prospective partners, with possible suitors, such as Amazon (for the next generation of the Kindle), rumoured to be interested.

The company wouldn't tell Pocket-lint which partner would be making the announcement, but did confirm that, after months of waiting, shoppers would be able to get their hands on the revolutionary technology.

It has already said that Mirasol's screen, which is now capable of being manufactured at any size, is full colour, can run video content, and requires only 1mW of power to run.

In comparison, a similarly sized TFT-LCD screen requires 20mW, and an AMOLED display needs a staggering 100-700mW. That essentially means that battery life will be greatly enhanced on a Mirasol-laden device. 

Considering the 5.7-inch device and super-thin static display we checked out, we would expect the final hardware to be an ebook reader or a small tablet device.

Here's to CES in Las Vegas.

Do you think full-colour eBook readers will find a place in the market? Or will tablets sew that area up completely? Let us know in the comments below...