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(Pocket-lint) - While there have been many forays into the cycling world by car manufacturers, very few have been more than a rebranded model from a well-known bike brand and a hiked up price. And those are the good ones. It seems as if Porsche is looking to buck that trend and actually stretch into the world of urban mobility with a properly developed model in its own right, with the help of Storck Bikes.

This is actually a project from Porsche Digital, a branch of the car brand that "[A]ims to find and scale new digital business models as well as optimizing existing products." One such product is the ebike, and - as it's quite a hot topic at the moment - that's no surprise.


Storck Bikes have a long history of making road bikes, with some other ventures into gravel, triathlon, and even mountain bikes. Its ebikes are being created with Porsche Digital under the name Cyklær Bikes. These incorporate tech from Fazua for the motor and battery, which helps keep it light enough for urban use. The 250W Fazua Ride motor is mid-mounted by the bottom bracket, and what sets it apart from other motors is the fact that it forms part of the battery. So, when you remove the 250Wh battery, you remove the motor. This means you actually have an ebike and a normal bike in one.

Porsche Digital GmbH Porsche partners with Storck to create Cyklær bicycle brand photo 1

But there's another aspect of these bikes that's meant to digitise the whole experience more than the electricity in the battery. Porsche has also partnered with Greyp Bikes, which is a sister brand to Rimac cars. Now don't forget that Porsche is a minority stakeholder in Rimac (who has now also bought Bugatti from the VW Group). It's all quite interconnected. Anyway. Greyp Bikes has created a lineup of "Fully Connected" bikes that include cameras and a full screen with all the bells and whistles. As you would expect, the Cyklær Bikes will have these too.

With cameras front and rear, they maintain that you have a virtual rearview mirror, as your phone connects to SP Connect on the bike, and is held at the stem. This gives you a view of what's happening behind you. It also has induction charging to keep your phone's juices topped up. There's loads of other integration too. The Cyklær app provides navigation as well as GPS tracking in case someone takes a liking to your new ride. If it's anything like Greyp Bikes, it'll even record the thief mid theft.

There are three models on offer: the E Gravel, E Gravel with streetwear (racks and mudguards), and the E Urban (also with streetwear). Prices start at €6999.

Writing by Claudio Rebuzzi.
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