Polaroid has launched a new line of "instant entertainment products" that they say will help consumers unlock their digital media.

The Freescape line of digital media-sharing products enable
consumers to enjoy their digital photos, songs and videos away from the confines of a computer.

With a digital media hub at the heart of the system, this in turn can share content with three Freescape branded peripherals.

A media extender can get your content on your television, a digital photo frame can get your pics displayed and a PMP lets you take your content with you.

Linked directly to a television, Polaroid's new digital entertainment centre, the "Freescape Digital Media Exchange" records, manages, shares and stores digital media without a monthly fee.

With the claim of being the first product that allows consumers to sync digital media collections remotely any kind of tech spec, pricing and availability info is a little thin on the ground, but we'll update you when we know more.