First there was the skin that made your iPhone look like a Leica M9, and now you can change your Apple handset into the spitting image of a 1980s Polaroid 1000 Land Camera. Well, sort of... Without the lumps, bumps and curves.

However, this time the pimp job is not just restricted to the iPhone itself, is also offering similar skins for the iPod touch, HTC EVO and BlackBerry (Bold, Curve, Storm2 and Tour).

It even has a skin for the iPad, although there's not really much point to it at the moment as there's no camera on the current generation of the Apple tablet.

The skin has been designed by Ryan Astle, and costs $14.99 (£9.65) for the mobile phone and handheld device versions, $19.99 (£12.86) for the iPad one. Shipping is from $2.99 inside the US, up to $6.00 (£3.86) for International UPS.

It comprises of a full-size piece of iPhone art for the rear, and a small front piece for the, er, front. You also get an Infectious logo, should you be inclined.

Of course, you could always plump for an actual Polaroid 1000 from eBay. They generally go for around £10-£40. You might find the film tricky to get hold of though.

What other iPhone skins would you like? Let us know in the comments below...