Philips has announced the launch of the GoGear Muse, a new PMP that comes complete with noise-cancelling headphones.

It also offers Philips FullSound tech which claims to enhance dynamic, bass, treble and stereo imaging of compressed MP3 files, restoring them closer to the levels found on the original recording as well as "balance" soft and loud tracks.

Available in 16GB and 32GB memory sizes and measuring 110 x 55 x 8.9mm, the player offers a 3-inch screen, supports MP3, WMA, AAC, APE, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Real Audio and WAV, as well as MPEG4, WMV9 and RMVB.

Philips says the noise cancelling headphones feature inbuilt microphones on the ear buds to detect and measure the background noise while a digital signal processor then creates an equal noise but in opposite phase to cancel out the unwanted sound.

Finally, the player's battery life is said to be good for 30 hours of music playback or six hours of video.

The GoGear Muse is available now in 16GB and 32GB memory sizes with estimated pricing of £159 and £179.