Microsoft, Nokia, Philips and digital security Gemalto have teamed up on a new initiative aimed at addressing "the fundamental societal issue of trust in new and emerging digital services".

Under the title of "Trust in Digital Life", the initiative's aim is to "help consumers overcome the fear of identity fraud and data breaches that have dampened trust in digital services".

The companies say that consumers' trust is "key" to success of future digital services in industries such as communications, commerce, healthcare, and administration.

Identity theft and bank card fraud are the top two concerns in a consumer's digital life, according to a recent Unisys Security Index survey, and surpass fears over national security and epidemics.

A Microsoft bod says: "We are eager to work with our partners in Europe to build trustworthy solutions that work together, supporting European values through elements like security, privacy, transparency, and accountability".

For more information and membership applications to join the initiative, take a look at the "Trust in Digital Life" site at