Philips has announced the Tapster, the first Bluetooth stereo headset with gesture controls.

Worn in both ears like headphones, the Tapster is designed for both music and phone calls, and has seemingly been given its name due to its patented touch and gesture sensing technology.

With just one tap on the right earpiece, you are able to pick and hang up a call, and a stroke forwards or backwards will adjust the volume.

This function works similarly if you are listening to music, with the ability to play and pause a track with just one touch.

Another addition to the Tapster is Switchstream technology, which pauses the music if you receive a call. After you hang up, the music will restart again automatically at the same point, without you having to even flex your finger.

The headset also features sensors that know when the headphones have been removed from your ears. If you are listening to music, this will automatically be paused to save battery life, and if you are on a call, it will revert the call back to your handset so you can carry on chatting from there.

The Philips Tapster features both Philips "FullSound" and "EverClear" technologies, the latter of which will both filter out background noise as well as adjust your headset volume automatically according to your surroundings.

You can expect up to 7 hours of wireless music listening with the Tapster, which is due for release in March. Prices are yet to be confirmed but we'll get them to you when we have them.