Philips has shown off a new video messaging tablet concept at its Simplicity event in Moscow, Russia.

The new device, currently called the "Looking glass" will be a touchscreen tablet that allows users to record video messages to then send to other people around the world.

Although the company is still looking at a number of possibilities of how to offer the video messages, the prototype currently requires you to have two "Looking glass" units.

"We wanted to make sharing video messages fun and easy", a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint. "At the moment that means just sending messages within a family network, but there is no reason you couldn't have a YouTube or email button."

The system, which will be connected either via Wi-Fi or possibly a HSDPA chip, won't offer live video chat, instead just the ability to store and record video messages.

"Video chat hasn't caught on, probably because the people you want to chat with are never available when you are. With the Looking Glass you can leave them a message to play back later. We are even looking into a way of you being able to save the video messages to a DVD to keep."

Expected to become available in 2010, yes we know that's a long way off, the unit, based on today's prices, is likely to cost around £100.