Philips has announced that amBX FXGen+ lighting effects can now be experienced with Google Earth, iTunes, QuickTime, VLC, Media Player Classic, MediaPortal, Zoom Player and Windows Media Center, through Windows XP or Windows Vista.

And, as Windows Media Center and MediaPortal both support TV tuners, users are now able to experience amBX FXGen+ lighting when watching live TV.

These latest media applications will also run alongside the all-new amBX Illuminate, a background application which allows users to set their amBX lighting to any default colour, using hue, saturation and lightness.

amBX users can choose between five different lighting presets for a quick change of mood lighting, when the need arises. For more dynamic lighting, amBX Illuminate can be set to loop between the five presets, from "slowly flowing shades to sudden, exciting contrasts".

Finally, adding music into the applications mix, amBX also works with audio player visualisers to orchestrate all kinds of light effects, from subtle mood lighting to sophisticated light shows.

"These latest non-gaming applications are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how dynamic amBX can be", commented Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer, Philips amBX.

"Seeing geographical lighting effects while using Google Earth or watching a movie on the VLC Media Player is an experience we’re convinced users will enjoy. Many more software applications, both gaming and non gaming, will follow suit throughout 2008."