Philips has shown off a two new concept designs to improve hospital live for patients in the next 5 to 10 years.

Both concepts, unlikely to be on the NHS for even longer, aim to improve the flow of information to patients.

Shown off at the company's annual Simplicity event in London, Philips played out its first idea with the help of actors in a ward.

Philips have turned the standard room divider into a fully operational computer than displays key patient data and allows doctors to explain procedures with the help of interactive diagrams.

The second concept is aimed at expecting mothers. The Philips blanket allows them to get a fully 4D picture of their new born baby without the hassle of an ultra-scan at the hospital.

The concept design is a blanket that the mother wares over her bump. From here a 4D scan is created and displayed on a circular display on the wall or taken home for all to see.

Expectant mothers will also be able to compare and morph previous scans in what will no doubt be seen by some as taking the magic out of pregnancy.

Philips tell us that both the concepts are still in the early development stages.