Philips has shown off a concept window design at its annual Simplicity event that allows you to display patterns and change the colour all at the swipe of a hand.

The concept, called Daylight allows users to stand directly in front of the large window and control how much of the pattern fills the window by moving their hand left to right. Colour control can be changed by moving your hand from top to bottom.

The idea behind the window is that rather than blinds, users will be able to have better control over how much daylight is let in to the room.

Although the one on show is a fully working model, a Philips spokesman told Pocket-lint that it wouldn't be commercially available for around 5 to 10 years.

The window, which Philips hope will be sold to hotels, also features a built-in alarm clock that can be set to slowly reveal the pattern and therefore wake you naturally rather than by an alarm.

If that wasn't enough, the window frame features a light therapy bar to help you get over jet lag.

Megawhat was at the show and the Daylight window features in the new episode out on 29 October.