Philips has launched a new range of power solutions at IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany.

The new range called Power4Life, is designed to remove battery life limitations from portable electronic devices.

Available in Europe from December this year, the so called Power2Charge universal USB chargers offer one single charger to power all portable electronic devices. The Power2Go chargers provide up to 60 hours of portable power when on the go according to the company.

Philips is hoping the new range will appeal to MP3 player and PDA users.

The flagship universal USB charger in the Philips Power2Charge range, is the SCM7880. It caters for applications up to 5V, features a backup energy solution for up to 15 hours of portable power, an LED indicator and a space friendly foldable plug. The Philips SCM7880 has six connector tips and comes complete with a retractable USB cable and a handy travel bag.

Top-of-the-line in the Philips Power2Go range, is the SCE7640 provides back up energy for applications up to 20V. It is compatible with laptops and comes with a LED indicator.

The tiny SCE2110 caters for consumers who don’t need portable power for anything other than their mobile phones. With 5 connector tips and an LED indicator, the SCE2110 will making sure the user can always stay in touch.

The new Philips Power2Charge product introductions include:
- SCM7880 Universal USB Charger kit + back up energy (for applications up to 5V)
- SCM4480 Universal USB Charger kit (for applications up to 5V)
- SCM2280 Universal USB Charger (for applications up to 5V)
- SCM4380 Universal USB Car Charger kit (for applications up to 5V)
- SCM2180 Universal USB Car Charger (for applications up to 5V)

The new Philips Power2Go product introductions include:
- SCE7640 Rechargeable Power Pack for applications up to 21V
- SCE4430 Rechargeable Power Pack for applications up to 5V
- SCE2110 Emergency phone charger for mobile phones