It's shame they can't spell, but Philips has introduced "LivingColors", an "exciting and innovative" new form of home lighting using LEDs operated with an "intuitive" remote control.

The new lamp lets you to alter the colour of the light in a room, so that you can adapt the lighting to create the atmosphere of your choice.

LivingColors can display an infinite range of colours. By choosing a particular colour Philips suggests that you can change the atmosphere so that it matches your mood and suits the occasion.

As an example, Philips states that blue light creates a cool, serene atmosphere for many people, while for others the same colour can provide warmth and a more intimate setting.

Colour-changing LEDs are nothing new in up-market lighting schemes, but this obviously appears to be bringing that technology to a mainstream consumer audience in a stand-alone simple to use, and attractive, device.

No official price from Philips, but other sources suggest around £100.