The new Wake-Up alarm clock from Philips has some very bold claims about improving not only your quality of sleep, but your "quality of wakening".

If you're the type that hits the snooze button endlessly until finally shrugging off the duvet when your snooze allowance is up, then this clock promises a more natural way to get you out of bed.

Not a new concept, but following the theory that nature intended us to be woken by gently increasing sunlight, the Wake-Up Light emits just that - light that gets gradually brighter simulating the sun rising in your bedroom.

Here comes the science: as the light falls on your eyes, a message is sent to your brain that positively affects the production of cortisol, the energy hormone.

This apparently means that at your required wake-up time your hormones are better balanced and you’ll feel more energetic right from the start of the day.

Philips researched this product and found that 87% of us regularly hit the snooze button but in trials, only 20% of users of the Philips Wake-Up Light continued to use the snooze button.

The Philips Wake-Up Light is available from Argos and Boots from September for £100.