Second Life residents may soon be able to wander their avatars around the virtual world and unexpectedly feel a cool breeze or be blinded by light in the real world.

Philips is licensing its "ambient experiences" technology to Rivers Run Red in order to bring amBX effects to Second Life.

AmBX is a platform that allows developers to incorporate real-world effects like light, air movement, and rumble into the game, so that those gamers who have the devices that create the effects set up will have a more immersive experience.

Philips also designed and makes peripherals like LED colour-controlled lighting, rumble accessories, and desktop fans.

“Second Life offers amBX an unparalleled opportunity to bring our revolutionary ambient intelligence technology to an expanding global market of many millions of tech and media savvy users who are not only hungry, but also open-minded for new online experiences”, commented Jo Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer, Philips amBX.

“Not only will we be able to offer Second Lifers all kinds of new sensory experiences, but also ‘behind closed doors first looks’ at amBX effects in development and potential amBX-enabled peripherals, with the chance for some to exclusively trial sample them before commercial release."