Philips has released a new digital photo frame to the market that measure a large 9-inches on the diagonal.

The metal-finish 9FF2M4 and wood-finish 9FF2CWO come with software that lets you either set up a slideshow at intervals of your choosing, or display a thumbnail collage of images.

The frames can either display images stored on the internal memory or those stored on various memory cards, including SD, CF, and Memory Stick.

Like a traditional frame, the device can be used either vertically or horizontally, and if you wish you can choose to display just one image over a long period of time.

Best of all for energy savers is a feature that lets you turn it on or off by setting a timer.

No matter where you put, it will always look its best as the brightness levels adjust to the ambient light in the room.

PhotoFrame PhotoEffect Wizard lets you play with the appearance of your images directly on the display without the need for a PC; it lets you rotate, zoom, crop, and added colours or desaturate.

The 9FF2M4 costs slightly more at £200, but comes with red, black, and silver frames, while the 9FF2CWO costs £20 at £180.