Electronics manufacturer Philips has decided not to release its already-announced line up of satellite navigation devices.

A Philips representative cited existing competition as well as low profitability as reasons why the company is withholding the devices.

Established satnav companies like TomTom and Garmin have faced competition this year from mobile phone manufacturers as well as other electronics companies, as everyone tries to get a piece of the previously highly-profitable sector.

Philips had announced its line up of three devices in June, and had shown off prototypes at IFA in Berlin in August.

Called the PNS range, the satnavs would operate from a docking station in the car; the dock would incorporate all controls as well as speakers.

In line with other satnavs on the market, Philips had priced the devices at around €400, and had promised they would be available from September. However, none made it to the shelves.