Philips has launched a new cordless phone and base station that looks like one of the new breed of VoIP handsets, but isn’t.

The CD5351S DECT cordless phone has a colour screen to display the colour-coded menu system. It sits on a docking station equipped with a charger and an answering machine that can record up to 15 minutes of messages.

The device facilitates hands-free operation as well as texting; messages can even be composed and stored while off-line, ready to be set when back online.

An internal memory stores up to 50 contacts as well as 10 text boxes, and 50 entries in the call log. Polyphonic ringtones can be stored and used to identify up to three groups of callers with a specific ringtone.

Additional handsets, up to five, can be connected to the base station; each one holds enough charge for up to 12 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby.

The new phone and handset is available now for £50.