At an event called Simplicity held in London, Philips has showcased a range of prototype light devices that have a variety of applications around the home.

One such device is a wall-mounted artificial sun that uses natural light rhythms to boost energy and to help control your natural body clock.

Another deceptively simple-looking fitting is the Water Font, which is a tap that can purify water using UV light and a carbon filter, as well as add minerals and cool the water to your own taste.

Philips also demonstrated the Wake-up Light that emits a gradually-increasing light to prepare your body to wake up, even if you’ve shut out the light from outside with curtains. According to the company, when the light falls on your closed eyes, your body gradually stops releasing melatonin, which is a hormone that induces sleep.

Also on show was Soft Therapy, a cordless vest that combines infrared heat and vibrational massage to reduce tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, and Look Good, a skincare “tool” that uses a base, bowl, skin analyzer and cleansing stick to revitalise skin on your face with red and blue light.

Drag and Draw is a tool designed for children who love to paint and draw on walls – the device lets them paint with light using a “magic” brush, eraser, wand and laser projection bucket.