Philips has decided to upgrade its range of webcams in one fell swoop, and has introduced eight new models labeled SPC-NC.

All the cameras offer a rapid 30 frames per second recording with SVGA resolution for still shots.

While the SPC900NC remains the flagship product, the SPC715NC and SPC710NC slot in just under it, and feature a stable-mount design for either on-screen or desktop mounting. Both offer Automatic Face Tracking which follows your face to keep you front and centre, as well as a rotating lens and a 5x digital zoom.

Both are bundled with VLounge Premium software that facilitates video recording, organising, and archiving.

The difference between them is that while the SPC715NC features a multimedia headset, the SPC710NC has a built-in microphone.

Next up is the SPC650NC with its sturdy base that doubles as a USB port when the camera is detached. It features a built-in microphone and all the features listed above.

The SPC500NC and SPC505NC are the only models in the new range to feature a 360 degree rotating camera head for ultra-flexibility whilst filming. They also come with an Automatic Picture Optimiser to adjust camera and image settings.

Last up are the three entry-level stable-mount cameras, the SPC315NC, SPC215NC, and SPC210NC. The first two come with a supplied headset and headphone, while the last uses an external microphone.

Prices range from £20 to £65.