If your portable media needs are rather less than Philips new Portable Media Center provides, check out the GoGear Jukeboxes instead.

Philips has added two smaller-capacity music players to the range: the SA9100 with 1GB of storage, and the SA9200 with 2GB of memory. They join the 6BG HDD1630 and the 30GB HDD6330.

All feature a touch-sensitive case that employs Philips SuperScroll technology and lets you navigate through menus by running your fingers down the touch-sensitive strip.

They also have a built-in FM tuner, as well as a voice recorder, and can display JPEG files on the little LCD disply.

Philips advertises that the rechargeable batteries can hold up for 14 hours of playing time.

As with many of Philips' media devices, the GoGear Jukeboxes are compatible with the PlaysForSure initative so that you can download music from a variety of sites straight on to the players.

The SA9200 is available in August in the US for $199, while the SA9100 will hit the shelves in September for $149.