Philips has launched a new baby monitor for parents keen to keep tabs on their little ones, but still have a social life with friends downstairs.

Philips has introduced three new zero-interference DECT baby monitors that promise to offer parents complete peace of mind, ultimate mobility and total reliability.

DECT, which is usually found in cordless phones are featured in all three models; the battery operated SCD487 (£60.00 rrp), and two rechargeable models the SCD488 (£70.00 rrp) and SCD489 (£90.00 rrp).

Coming with an impressive 300m range as well as a built-in recharging unit, the units also feature a starry nightlight.

The top of the range model, the SCD489 also features a parent unit, enabling two-way communication, a thermometer, travel pouch, five lullabies to help babies off to sleep, as well as up to 8 hours of cordless monitoring.