With VoIP telephony the hot topic in the communications industries, Philips is releasing the VOIP433 dual phone.

The digital DECT phone offers both conventional landline phone calls as well as VoIP calls via Microsoft's Windows Life Messenger service.

It connects to a normal telephone point for landline calls, and to a USB socket on a PC for VoIP calls, which are free to other Windows Live Messenger users or incur a low fee via Windows Live Call.

The screen displays which Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger contacts are online, so that you can ring them using VoIP.

The phone also offers hands-free speakerphone and Caller ID, as well as the ability to log 20 missed and 10 received phone numbers. It'll store up to 20 contacts in the handset and 100 in the base unit.

The handset's battery can cope with 10 hours' talk time in between battery charges.

The VOIP433 dual phone will be on the shelves this month and will be sold in a duo pack with two handsets for