Philips has decided to follow the rest of the pack and launch a photo version of its MP3 players. The Go Gear HDD6320 and HDD1620 hard drive jukeboxes now include new features like colour screens, photo viewing and backlit sensory touch pads.

The new products will come in a 30GB HDD6320 version that stores up to 15,000 songs and 8400 pictures and a 6GB HDD1620 version that stores up to 3000 songs and 1600 pictures.

Both models come in shiny black with a bright white backlighting. The 30Gb version will have a 2 inch colour LCD screen while the 6Gb model will have a smaller 1.5in screen. Both models allow jpeg images to be navigated as full screen pictures, thumbnails or as a slideshow accompanied by music.

The HDD6320 offers 15 hours and the HD1620 giving a generous 18 hours of playback.

Both models can also be used as mass storage devices or for voice memos recorded via the integrated microphones.

The 30Gb HDD6320 will cost £229 and the HDD1620 £199. Both players will be available by the end of the month.