Philip has created a rollable LCD display that it hopes business users unwilling to sacrifice readability, mobility, performance, or weight in a pocket-sized, e-reader will sign up to.

Although Philips isn¹t looking to commercialize the product anytime soon it does show what could be possible in device for tomorrow.

The Readius is a functional electronic-document reader that can unroll its display to a scale larger than the device itself. With four gray levels, the monochrome, 5-inch QVGA (320 pixels x 240 pixels) display provides paper-like viewing comfort with a high contrast ratio for reading-intensive applications, including text, graphics, and electronic maps.

Using a bi-stable electrophoretic display effect from E Ink Corp., the display consumes little power and is easy to read, even in bright daylight. Once the user has finished reading, the display can be rolled back into the pocket-size (100 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm) device.