Philips has launched the SHOQBOX, a portable music jukebox with the performance of a standalone audio system.

Although looking big in the pictures, the SHOQBOX is actually small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and also stores your tracks on its internal flash memory.

Music playback can then be experienced through the SHOQBOX's built-in stereo speakers, which use unique XSL Acoustics to deliver dynamic and powerful sound more than big enough to fill a room according to Philips.

The internal 256MB flash memory will let you take your music collection wherever you go and stores up to 8 hours of WMA or four hours of MP3 music, transferred annoying via a PC using a rather slow USB1.1 connection.

There are six preset sound modes available while the clock provides alarm and sleep timer functions allowing you to rise or sleep to your music.

If you've got nothing to listen to, the unit also includes an integrated FM radio with 10 favourite channels or the best 10 station presets.

The rechargeable battery delivers up to 10 hours of play and the SHOQBOX also features a stereo audio input so can be used as speakers for a portable music player or can spice up any business presentations on a PC.

Available now, the player will cost £99.00.