Philips has teamed up with Nike to create a personal sports audio range for the sporty at mind.

The range consists of a number of players: including two MP3 players: (PSA220) and MP3MAX (PSA250), a digital audio player: the MP3CD (PSA410) and FM Radio (PSA110)

The MP3 (PSA220) and MP3MAX (PSA250) digital audio players have solid state memory of 256MB and 512 MB respectively. The MP3 (PSA220) promises to give 8 hours of WMA or 4 hours of MP3 music and the MP3 MAX (PSA250) will give you 16 hours of WMA or 8 hours of MP3 music.

Both players feature a 10-channel preset digital FM radio and dedicated stopwatches. There is a backlit LCD with additional read outs on the side for ease-of-use during exercise and a 12 hour playtime with a built-in rechargeable battery. Furthermore there is five-key remote control waist belt and a safety strobe light to make the athlete visible in the dark.

The new MP3CD (PSA410) is ultra light with 30 minutes of shock protection to give you skip free music on the run. With 10 hours of playtime, it plays CDs filled with hundreds of MP3 or WMA files as well as audio CDs and includes a 10-channel preset digital FM radio. A specifically designed 5-key remote control waistband is further included which holds the MP3CD.

The range also includes a new digital FMRADIO (PSA110). It features 10 digital tuning presets for instant access to your favourite radio stations.

The players will cost from £40 for the PSA110 to £200 for the PSA250 and are available now.