Philips has launched a new range of keyrings that actually include a camcorder and digital camera. The Philips Key019, is the first camcorder that's actually small enough to fit on your keyring.

The camcorder has space for up to 25 minutes of MPEG4 video or alternatively you can use it as a 2megapixel digital camera or an MP3 player or just as a storage device with 128 Mb of internal flash memory.

And despite it's tiny size, you can also check and edit what you've caught on video thanks to the Microdisplay viewfinder which lets you frame, capture and playback footage.

Key019 is the lastest model in Philips hit keyring range. The range also includes the new Key010, 2 megapixel camera with a whopping 128Mb of memory to hold over 300 jpeg pictures and the Key013 and Key015 dedicated MP3 player keyrings.

The key013 offers up to four hours of MP3 or up to eight hours of WMA tracks stored in the 256mb memory and with up to 13 hours of battery life. The step-up Key015 provides the same functionality and battery life as the Key013 but its large 512MB internal flash memory offers up to eight hours of MP3 play back and up to 16 hours of WMA music enjoyment.

All models plug directly into your computer's USB port which enables a simple and easy transfer of data and also charges the keyring's battery. All of the keyrings are supplied with all the relevant software.

The range will be available from July 2004 and prices start at £100 for the Key010 upto £220 for the Key019 camcorder model.