Mad Catz was showing some pretty cool tech off over at Gamescom including the RAT 9 gaming mouse and a whole bunch of Call of Duty: Black Ops peripherals. 

But the one thing that really caught our eye, literally, was the amBX lighting PC additions that it was showing off. 

Coming our way before this year is out, Mad Catz's Gaming Lights plug into your PC via USB and the three LED bulbs on board can generate 16 million different colours, creating an ambient light experience to heighten your gaming endeavours. 

Our Mad Catz guru explained the system to us: 

"When a game is scripted with amBX technology the effect is absolutely incredible and everything just syncs with the gameplay.   

"Now the difference with this system as opposed to when it's built into a TV set is not only is it capable of giving you far more complex and accurate atmospheric conditions, but you can add as many light pods as you see fit, taking it as far as you want to go".

Bolu Akindoyin of amBX UK told us that it isn't just gaming that will reap the amBX rewards either. "It's also for your home PC entertainment", he said. 

"For example, when you've got music running on Windows Media Player, we've got pre-sets that will give you light shows for your music. Even just watching DVDs and videos the lights will automatically react to what's happening so it just enhances everything to do with your PC experience",

The amBX Gaming Lights will be released with trial versions of Age of Conan and Everquest 2 that have amBX scripts built in. You'll get two in the box.

There will also be an amBX equipped keyboard available as well, which will light up behind the keys and give key sets different colours depending on their actions within the game you're playing.

We were informed that both amBX systems will be out "around autumn" and we'll bring you price news as soon as we've got it.