Philips has launched a new MP3 player with the fairly unique selling point that it has a focus "on motivating people to improve their fitness".

In a bid to help us lead healthier and more active lifestyles the device goes as far as to actually offer "words of encouragement" and "real-time vocal feedback" on performance.

If you can stand the thought of having your attempts to work out judged by a portable electronic device, then you should also note the player's ability to adjust tempo on the pre-loaded tracks to match your pace.

The Activa will come complete with sport headphones with ear hooks, boasts a clip-on design, and is bundled with a protective pouch and cable clip management.

With a "sleek exterior designed to offer durability and style", the Philips Activa will be available worldwide in April 2010 for around $129.99.

You can pre-register now for more info at the Philips Activa site.