Philips is offering a new gift service with its PhotoFrame range of digital picture frames that sees the displays customisable for a more personal gift.

Those buying one of the frames at the Philips Online Shop can use the service - for free - to pre-load images or engrave a personal message on the frame, as well as take up options to bundle in a personalised gift card or have it delivered in a fancy gift box.

The five frames available are made up of one 7-inch model, the SPF2017, and four 8-inchers, the SPF4008, SPF5008, SPF7008 and SPH8208.

All models offer a 800 x 600 resolution display in 4:3 ratio, Philips' imagen Pro and RadiantColor tech, slide-show mode, auto orientation, a minimum of 512MB built-in memory and boast low power consumption.

Three models – the SPF5008/7008 and SPH8208 – get border touch control while the SPF7008 and SPH8208 add Bluetooth connectivity. The SPH8208 also boasts a docking station and a 2-hour rechargeable battery for viewing away from the power plug.

Pricing for the frames range from £69.99 to £139.99 while the personalised extras are free.