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(Pocket-lint) - You've seen game controllers before. They're nearly always the same, with a thumbstick, triggers and buttons, but Azeron is doing something really different. 

This company has created a weird and wonderful controller which is far more ergonomic than a keyboard and packs more keys than your average gaming controller too. 

The Azeron Cyborg is a customisable control pad which can be set up for either left or right-handed gamers, large or small. It packs in as many as 29 programmable keys, an "advanced" thumbstick module and the promise of superb ergonomic comfort. 

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Controls at your fingertips 

The Azeron Cyborg offers the promise of unparalleled adjustability, you can move the buttons in and out, side to side, back and forth and more. The towers, which look like fingers, can be lifted to your preferred height and essentially you can then lay your controller out so it's perfectly comfortable for you. 

We purchased a Cyborg because we were frustrated with the WASD claw grip we were using when gaming on keyboards which had started to lead to mild finger discomfort.

The Azeron Cyborg theoretically offers a more natural and ergonomic grip style which should abate these worries. When using the controller we also feel like we have access to more possible keystrokes with each individual finger than we do with any other controller or keyboard (assuming you're just using one hand of course). 

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Each of the keys is programmable within the software too. Meaning they're not only position adjustable but also customisable in terms of which buttons do what. So you can set up the usual WASD and related gaming controls that you'd use on PC in a much more comfortable format. 

This also means it's possible to optimise key presses to make you a more efficient gamer. It does, however, come with a large caveat in our experience. 

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Reprogramming your gaming brain

Chances are if you're a seasoned gamer then you have a pretty good muscle memory as to what keys on your keyboard or buttons on your controller do. You know where the movement keys are, how to jump and which button reloads your gun or revs your engines. With the Azeron Cyborg you have to throw all that knowledge and learn how to game again. 

We tried re-programming the buttons in a logical way - once by setting them in a similar position to where they were on our keyboard and another time simply based on location. When you start to set up the buttons the way you want, it almost feels like there are too many buttons.

So there's a lot of learning to do. This might come naturally to some and less so to others. There's no denying that the possibilities are tantalising. The comfort is superb and the flexibility in terms of button positioning and programmability is amazing. 

We honestly love this controller and we certainly recommend considering it but be warned that it might well be a frustrating learning curve at first. Find out more bout it here

Writing by Adrian Willings.