Parrot has announced the launch of a new digital photo frame in its range, called Parrot Specchio.

Designed by French artist Martin Szekely, the frame is as minimalist looking as his artwork. However, when the frame is turned off, the Specchio frame becomes like a mirror as well, giving it a dual purpose.

Despite its minimalist appearance, the frames features are far from that. It has multiple connections including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and SD card reader - but the most interesting is NFC, or Near Field Communication.

If you have an NFC-enabled mobile phone, you can simply slide it against the back of the Specchio frame and the photography is autmotically downloaded straight away and displayed in the frame.

Of course its Wi-Fi connection and email address link also enables the frame to receive pictures sent to you by friends and family, as well as those that are uploaded by your friends onto community sites such as Flickr.

The frame can also work as more than just a device for displaying photos - it can hold to-do lists, scanned documents, recipes - anything that you upload on to it. It can store up to 1500 pictures in it and as much practical information as you want.

The Parrot Specchio digital photo frame by Martin Szekely will be available from Parrot's online store for £300.