Parrot, the sometimes forgotten maker of Bluetooth accessories for your car, has launched a Bluetooth car stereo kit for the iPhone.

The RKi8400 will, according to the company, "enable you to listen to music stored on your iPhone or iPod whilst also providing you with Parrot’s expertise in terms of digital acoustic for in car conversation and offers you voice recognition capability for super easy use of your mobile phone in car."

Whether that's what you are after or not, the rather large looking device will require you to have a stereo bay available and the ability to connect it up to your car to benefit from the FM/AM RDS car stereo, USB and SD Card playback, and hands-free phone functions.

Those wishing to forget they own the Apple phone can chose to hide it behind the removable front panel.

All information, phonebook, music library, album covers, etc. are displayed on a bright 2.4-inch TFT colour screen once you've parted with £299.99.