Parrot has launched another "designer" digital photo frame, the Parrot Specchio by contemporary French artist Martin Szekely.

The Parrot Specchio becomes a mirror when it is turned off, allowing the PR blurb to waffle thusly: "Like a precious jewel, its beauty is created from a reflection, in this case, that of a mirror. It’s all about what you can see: being seen and seeing yourself, but always in a low-key way".

The press release, that does not reveal screen size or internal memory spec, does state: "In the blink of an eye, the mirror becomes a screen for projecting your memories, like a stream of emotions".

Meanwhile, Martin Szekely, confuses matters even more with the following words of wisdom: "If you look in the mirror, your left is on your left and your right is on your right. On the photo, your left is on your right and your right is on your left. So, this object is both a mirror and a photo".

We do know that the frame offers multiple connections via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, a mini-USB port and an SD card reader. It goes on sale direct from Parrot for £300.