Parrot has announced the Parrot SK4000, a Bluetooth hands-free motorcycle kit that features FM RDS radio and wireless mobile remote control.

The Parrot SK4000 claims clear-cut noise reduction, echo cancelling - and - the widest range of features available in this market.

With the SK400, motorcyclists can now switch between their songs and answering calls through the clip-on wireless remote fixed to the bike's left handlebar.

The Parrot SK4000 offers the motorcyclist the choice to listen to music via Bluetooth wireless technology (using the A2DP profile), on the FM radio (RDS inside) or from analogue sources via the line-in.

For calling, thanks to Parrot's multi-speaker voice recognition software, the kit automatically recognises the contact's name spoken by whoever is using the kit, and makes the call automatically.

The Text To Speech feature on the Parrot SK4000 reads contact names from the user's phonebook through the earpiece and is also able to name radio stations to help the driver identify the correct station.

The kit is suitable for motorbike and scooter helmets, will launch next year and have a RRP of £129.99.