Parrot has announced a new Bluetooth accessory, the Parrot PMK5800, a Bluetooth car kit with no installation for both hands-free calling and music streaming.

Simply place the Parrot PMK5800 into your car's cigarette lighter and via its embedded FM emitter, once you've selected a free radio frequency, you can enjoy conversations directly on your car speakers via your car radio.

Parrot promises best-in-breed technologies for this new product - advanced digital signal processing (DSP), echo cancellation software, voice recognition and FM scale detector.

With its special noise reduction software, the Parrot PMK5800's omni-dimensional microphone picks up your voice while eliminating surrounding noises such as sirens or road-works for what they claim will be close-to-perfect voice pick-up.

This nifty gadge will also let you enjoy all your favourite tracks stored in your Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) mobile phone or MP3 player in hi-fi quality directly on your car speakers.

The Bluetooth wireless technology and the embedded FM emitter means no more tangled wires to listen to your favourite songs. And if you are listening to the radio or a CD, the easy call-pickup function ensures you won't miss a single call.

The Parrot PMK5800 will be available in shops this summer for 89 euros (about 60 quid).