Parrot wants you to ditch your radio (and possibly the only tape player you still have) for its Android-running, iPhone-compatible, GPS-equipped, 3G-savvy (once you supply the dongle) head unit to make your car ultra connected. 

The unit is in two parts, the detachable left offering controls buttons and dial to navigate the on-screen menu, and the right half is the screen itself. The screen means you get to browse your contacts, music and other services, without have to use the typical single line of text you had in the past.

Picking up on the Bluetooth skills the company is known for, the Parrot Asteroid will offer advanced handsfree telephony, including synchronisation with your mobile phone address book and voice dialling. You’ll also be able to send files from a Bluetooth device to the Asteroid.

Around the back you have a range of connections, including USB connections so you can simply and easily connect your iPhone or iPod, along with the normal RCA connections for all your speakers.

A GPS dongle is supplied with the Asteroid, but if you also hook-up a 3G dongle, you’d be able to access additional services, like Parrot Maps, parking or fuel stations. Adding 3G will also let you hook up with internet radio stations.

Of course it offers conventional functionality too, so will give you an FM/AM receiver with RDS.

Prices are yet to be announced, but it should be landing in Europe in Q1 2011, and Q2 2011 in the USA.