Panasonic has shown a Skype capable picture frame at this year's CES. Looking a bit like a permanently tethered iPad, it is able to playback photo and video, as well as show Facebook and Twitter feeds straight on the display.

Like a more social photo frame, or a basic way to access your social networks and make Skype calls, the idea behind the Panasonic is clearly to leave it somewhere like your kitchen and let you tap and interact with networks. 

The only let down we can see with the photo frame is the rather chunky stand on the back. An iPad is thinner and can be removed from a stand, plus it can do a lot more than the Panasonic's frame. Then again an iPad will also cost more we expect. We will let you know once Panasonic tells us how much the frame is going for.

We definitely like the styling, it's like something HAL would have built.

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