Panasonic used its CEATEC keynote, much as it did with its IFA eqivelent, to highlight its growing commitment to green technology. It gave the Tokyo audience an overview of its Eco Navi, SEG and smart EV solutions and the message was clear; it's heavily focused on “changing society and changing values”.

And one of the ways in which it plans to do that is by becoming more involved in the electric vehicle market. Not by actually making cars per se, but by investing into the technologies around the vehicles, such as batteries, and the ecosystems around them - i.e. the connected home.

But, Panasonic being Panasonic, it can't just ignore the AV and entertainment side of things and that is exactly why it is showing of a mock up of its vision of the car of the future at the big expo. And it looks uber-cool.

panasonic car demos the dashboard of tomorrow image 2

The Tron-esque dashboard setup incorporates a funky looking steering-wheel, that looks as if it'd be more at home onboard a spaceship, as well as a three-screen display set up.

One shows the driver a virtual representation of their route, one is a navigation system and there's some movie action for the passenger as well. All mounted above a sealed shelf playing host to your mobile devices, with some wireless connectivity thrown in for good measure.

We love it. Not too sure about the white leather seats though.