Olympus has launched six digital voice recorders, ranging from compact, simple offerings to more fully-featured devices that can be used as MP3 players.

The compact WS-311M and WS-321M digital voice recorders are the newest additions to the Olympus WS series.

These devices not only allow the recording and playback of voice notes, lectures and interviews - they can also play music and store a variety of other media.

The Olympus WS-110 and WS-210S digital voice recorders are described as the perfect companion for those on the move, offering versatility in a pocket-size format.

Designed for use in meetings or lectures, files such as presentations, images or music can be stored on the devices.

Intuitively-located buttons and a large LCD ensure claim to make operation is simple, and you can listen to your recordings via the integrated speaker.

Besides their ability to record notes, interviews and meetings in high quality, they also store other data formats meaning they can also function as USB mass storage devices.

Two new additions to the Olympus VN range are angled as great for anyone wanting to record their to-do lists, personal notes or spontaneous thoughts.

The compact VN-4100 and VN-4100PC digital voice recorders are capable of slipping into your pocket and offer user-friendly features for everyday use.

The new VN-4100 models have a 256MB capacity, they can record up to a 144 hours in LP mode - and more than 11 hours in Extra High Quality (XHQ) mode.